Who's Registered

2/3/2024 - Frozen Balls Jersey Tournament
Aiken - Citizens Park

Listed below are the teams that are currently registered for this event broken down by division. If you're interested in registering your team for this event you can do so by having your Coach log into your teams account and registering or by clicking register on the schedule.

Who's Registered

3hr-E Division
7 Teams

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Hype Train - SC
Bah - SC
E-legals - SC
Hsr - SC
Turtles - GA
Lcl - SC
Chop City - SC

1hr-Rec Division
8 Teams

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Vendetta - SC
Stiktalk - GA
Paradise City - SC
803 - SC
Backwood Bandits - GA
Nuke City Sports - SC
Carolina Fugitives - SC
Jumpstreet - SC